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Muscle Skin Demo Movie - 68MB Quicktime 6 mpeg4.


Scripts (coming eventually – email me if you want the undocumented pile to sort thru)


Plugins+Source (coming eventually)





This project yielded many very useful tools that were developed before any others of their kind were relased. However, as a package is less than useful. The process is very complicated and slow, but that’s ok, because the investigation was all a learning experience. Also, all the scripts are bound to a node that operates as a data structure of sorts, so they will all require reworking to be useful.


Blend shape extraction tool and PSD tool. (Comet’s PSD deformer soon after. bSpirit corrective blend ‘borrowed’ matrix calc from body blend)

(No further development, old tutorial)


MayaSound MEL, VBS  Uses a little vbs to play a wav hidden from maya using the system command.


Geometry disk cache. API (Comet, again. Ours allows changing mesh topology and ram caching.)


Multi-poly boolean union. MEL Allows many animated Boolean objects to be combined without failure.


Relative normal sculpt. MEL and API Allows blend shapes to be applied based only on vertex and normal information. Probably the single most useful tool to result from the project. Mel and Plugin versions.


Periodic filtering MEL. Pseudo filters noise from geometry sequences.


Surface stitcher MEL. Allows animated surfaces with different topology to be stitched together with a paintable blend.